Lenovo releases concepts for smartphones and laptops with growing displays.

Lenovo showcased a Motorola handset prototype that expands to 6.5 inches at the touch of a button and a laptop concept with a display that rises to provide users with more screen area as needed earlier this week at its Tech World 2022 event.



Both ideas were demonstrated in a video demonstration conducted by Luca Rossi, executive vice president and president of Lenovo’s intelligent devices group, who first unveiled a functional smartphone proof of concept created by Motorola’s internal innovation team, 312 Labs.

With the ability to be compacted again for easier carrying after an extended viewing session, the larger display area should be good for mobile gaming or watching movies. In its accompanying blurb, Motorola also makes reference to a peek state, which ostensibly offers some sort of at-a-glance functionality, but no further information is provided.

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The rollable laptop idea is in a similar situation; it too seems to be in the working proof-of-concept stage. A motorized device at the back of the portable PC progressively rolls out the screen and stretches it upward to create a supertall viewing area with a similar aspect to LG’s Dual Up monitor. The screen’s size is estimated to be 11 inches. The onscreen material adapts to fit out the expanded display area, precisely like the smartphone prototype.

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Although Lenovo hasn’t said if these concepts will lead to rollable Motos or expanding ThinkPads, the firm isn’t the only one exploring these possibilities, so we might yet see actual hardware. The phone/laptop concepts are briefly demonstrated in the video down below.


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