What is the definition of investment?

An asset that is developed with the goal of allowing money to grow is essentially what an investment is. The wealth generated can be used for a variety of goals, including bridging income gaps, saving for retirement, or carrying out certain particular commitments like loan repayment, tuition payment, or the acquisition of other assets.

It is essential to comprehend what an investment is because, on occasion, it might be challenging to select the appropriate instruments to achieve your financial objectives. You can make the best decisions if you understand the significance of investments in the context of your specific financial circumstances.

You may earn money from investments in one of two ways. One is the possibility of making a profit if you invest in a sellable asset. Second, you will generate income through the accumulation of gains if you invest in a return-generating plan. In this sense, the question “what is investment” can be answered by stating that investments are all about investing your savings in assets or things that increase in value over time or that will help generate income.

A financial item that is purchased with the hope that its value would increase over time is referred to as an investment. Investments typically fall into one of the three fundamental groups listed below.

Different Investments

Understanding your investing goals and choosing where to invest are frequently the next steps after asking “what is investment?” Keeping aside investments in real estate and other assets like jewelry and all, understanding the different sorts of investments is another important part of knowing “what is investment meaning” when it comes to different instruments. Equity investments fall under the first group, and debt instruments are covered under the second. Equity investing can offer larger rewards and somewhat higher risk if your investment goals are compatible. Debt instruments, on the other hand, are less risky but have lower returns.


Furthermore, the meaning of an investment might be defined in terms of how it is gained.

The following are various investment categories in India:


This includes stock in any company that enables you to receive dividend payments.

2. Bonds

Are you interested in understanding what bonds mean by investment? It entails giving money to a business or the government in exchange for periodical payments of set interest and the face value of the loan when it matures.

 3. Mutual Funds

A professional fund manager pools the cash from several investors and makes investments on their behalf in mutual funds. You can choose to invest in Equity Mutual Funds, Debt Mutual Funds, or Hybrid Mutual Funds based on your risk tolerance, investment horizon, and expected returns. Through mutual funds, you can also make investments that save on taxes. Under Section 80 C of the tax code, investments made in ELSS (equity-linked savings plan) mutual funds are tax-deductible.


A type of investment known as ULIPs, or Unit Linked Insurance Plans, offers both investing and life insurance benefits. In ULIPs, a portion of the premium is invested in various funds to help you earn market-linked returns. This means that in this plan, a portion of your premium is invested in various funds. Additionally, it provides Section 80C tax savings up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs.

5. Public Provident Fund (PPF)

For long-term investors looking for guarantees on their investments, Public Provident Fund (PPF) is regarded as one of the best possibilities. The current PPF interest rate is 7.1% per year through September 2022, and because it is a government-backed program, there is little risk to the invested money.

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To your advantage, you can research tax-saving investment options and make investments in them. Additionally, as was previously mentioned, think about include term plans and health insurance policies in your portfolio to protect your family when you ponder what is investment purpose and similar questions.

Put your money in products like ULIPs, mutual funds, ELSSs (Equity Linked Savings Schemes), and other government-sponsored programs after that.

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What is an equity share, you might think when hearing about equity investments?

The following information will help you understand what an equity share is:

As a long-term funding option, equity shares are available to every firm. These shares are issued to the general public and are not redeemable. A company’s assets are owned by its shareholders, who also have the right to vote and share earnings. You may make better judgments and build a more diverse investment portfolio by having a better understanding of what an equity share is.

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