The Top 5 Enterprise Local SEO Challenges and Solutions

For enterprise brands, local SEO poses particular difficulties. Find out the top five obstacles to better enterprise local SEO and how to overcome them.
For enterprise companies, local SEO can be difficult because it requires understanding “national” SEO, Google Business Profile, and understanding how Google responds to your top search inquiries across geographies.

Search engine optimization: What Is SEO?

That implies that there are an infinite number of difficulties for enterprise search marketers in local SEO. What then are the most typical difficulties with local SEO for businesses? Let’s investigate.

1. Understanding When to Focus on Local vs. National SEO

Knowing whether to prioritize a “local” SEO plan instead of a “national” SEO approach and vice versa is one of the major issues businesses face.

This is understandable because it’s not always clear which option will best serve your priorities. It can be difficult to determine whether the top keywords you are targeting have local intent.

But because it will have a substantial impact on how well your activities serve your business goals, it is essential to the success of your entire strategy.

Google Publishes Guide To Current & Retired Ranking Systems

You may design your keyword strategy and choose how to approach and support your SEO investment by knowing which terms Google considers local.

Due to poor site design or keyword selection, you might lose a lot of traffic.

Knowledge of Local Search Intent
So, what exactly do we mean by “local search intent”?

Understanding search intent enables you to determine the features that will appear in search results and the content that should be given priority.

There are four primary search intent categories to consider for this discussion:

  1.  national-focused search terms.
  2.  semi-national search queries
  3.  Locally focused search queries.
  4.  hyper-local search engine requests.
    Your target search queries’ features will reveal the category into which they fall.

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