120 of the Best Phrases and Words for Emotional Marketing

Every business owner is looking for those magic bullet strategies that will make the copy in your email newsletters, website pages, and other materials profitable. Actually, it doesn’t operate that way. To create a marketing material bridge from consumer to the customer, certain tenets—like quality and trust—must be woven through the heart of all your content. The good news is that while establishing trust through branded content, SEO strategies, online personas, social media postings, website and landing page copy, and other methods, your word choice will serve as your first line of defense.

Word cloud of the top marketing phrases and words
Copywriting is all about using words to motivate readers to take action. Despite the fact that the dictionary contains a large number of words, it can be difficult to come up with genuine, potent, non-repetitive words and phrases that will resonate with your audience. This manual provides you with a list of terms to use as a basis for creating reliable text that will:

decrease risk
lessen ambiguity
Create trust and encourage purchases
a sense of urgency
pique interest
Embrace your audience
transmit value
impose authority
infer development or gain
If you need help coming up with copy for an ad, email, landing page, elevator pitch, etc., think of this as your go-to resource. However, don’t take this as gospel truth. Utilize it as a springboard to develop your own words and phrases that represent the tone and principles of your brand.

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Marketing lingo and expressions that lower risk
Customers will feel considerably more at ease choosing to do business with you if their perception of risk is reduced. Use language in your marketing material that conveys assurance that customers won’t lose money or be locked into a lengthy contract. Here, the objective is a sense of predictability or a set of expectations. Words and phrases in this category include:

Instagram captions that say “no purchase necessary” are the best words and phrases for marketing.
Or get your money back, guaranteed.
You are always free to unsubscribe.
We won’t oversaturate your email.
no commitment
No need to make a purchase
Terminate at any moment
What is there for you to lose?
Free returns and full refunds, no inquiries required
Examine it first
Request a demonstration.
Consult [representative] to determine whether [company name or product] is appropriate for you.
It’s important to note that the terminology used here is a simple, customer-friendly language rather than complex jargon. Most of the time, you should have a website that explains your guarantee and return policies, as well as how they function, so buyers can be sure there are no hidden fees. Naturally, don’t provide something you can’t guarantee or fully describe.

Marketing lingo that eliminates confusion
For each conversion step, you’re trying to convince your clients to do within your funnel, uncertainty is one of the largest obstacles to entry. Building brand recognition is obviously the first step in minimizing uncertainty since the more familiar a consumer is with your brand, the more likely they are to trust it and get to know you. Their transition from browser to a customer will be more seamless the more they are aware of your brand. Here are some strong words that stand out on your website and encourage website visitors to learn more about your company and engage with it further:

Free for the first month or term
View it for yourself.
No extra costs
View an example report on the finest marketing terms and phrases—a website with the phrase “no hidden fees”
Cash-back promise
The [company name] promise
Risk-free promise
Building trust through the marketing jargon
When creating great marketing copy, lowering ambiguity is merely the first step in the process. Additionally, you need to develop trust. To give your clients greater motivation to stay engaged with you, use the following language in your assets:

Observe our testimonials page.
Check out our reviews (here’s how to request and obtain more)
View our library of resources
View our FAQ section.
Live chat with a marketing expert using the best possible language on a page that offers a “risk-free assurance”
You’ll see that certain terms and call-to-action phrases overlap in other places since they are used to convey various intentions depending on the context.

Purchasing-inviting words and phrases from marketing
People need to be able to picture how your goods or services would improve their life. However, the emphasis should be on the value your clients will receive from it and how simple it is for them to obtain, not on your product or service.

[Accomplish the main advantages you provide] and enroll right away
How can [name of company or product] assist you in [achieving XYZ]? Take a look for yourself!
What is there for you to lose?
Give it a try!
What do you stand to gain? [Then respond to that]
Benefit from this limited-time offer.
Exceptionally low prices
Are you prepared to [insert advantages of your services here]? Do you want to?
View the outcomes you desire.
Real outcomes
Obtain development or [another important benefit that your clients want]
Start immediately by accomplishing [XYZ] with [product name]
With [company name/product], [adjective your customer wishes to become]
Your understanding of your target audience will determine which emotions, advantages, and accomplishments you include in the brackets above, but our copywriting psychology advice can be useful as well.

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