21 Facebook Marketing Ideas to Try Today

If you’ve been reading the WordStream blog since it started in 2009 (thank you for your support), you’re probably aware that we’ve written a ton about Facebook content, specifically Facebook ad benchmarks. How to cut the cost of your Facebook ads. Increase registration for webinars with Facebook advertisements. Dispelled fallacies about Facebook advertising. Using Facebook advertisements to promote your company there. Okay, that one’s out. The point is that there is a lot to look at if you want to master Facebook ads.

It’s really rather overwhelming.

Facebook Marketing Advice
And it takes us to the main idea of this article. How in the world do you even begin?

We’ve already finished the dirty work. We have selected the best Facebook ads from our canon after careful consideration. In the diamond patch, the immaculate diamonds. The best of the best. Consider this blog as the entry point to the world’s most complete guide on Facebook advertising. Each suggestion, which is valuable on its own, contains a link to a reliable, in-depth site that explains how to incorporate that tip into your brand-new or current Facebook ad plan.
Sounds doable? It is! Take hold of it and rip it.

Facebook Ad Types

1: Use Facebook Canvas Ads to Create Immersive Experiences

Canvas Facebook Advertising Tips
If you’ve seen Facebook Canvas Ads in action, it’s possible that you were drawn to the capabilities but put off by the production process’s apparent length. Canvas advertisements are a tangle of text, call-to-actions, still images, videos, and other interactive materials. Is the outcome worth the time spent?

Statistics support this.

The average view time for a Canvas ad is an outstanding 31 seconds, and 53% of viewers who open it view at least half of it. When done effectively, Canvas advertising can be really engaging. The cause? You may truly immerse the consumer in your brand experience by combining multiple various ad kinds (carousel advertisements, video ads, single image ads, etc.) to create unequaled storytelling abilities.

Dragging and dropping material into the Facebook user interface and placing it in the appropriate locations is the creative process itself, which is also highly templated. Examples of templates are as follows: Sell Products (Best for eCommerce), Attract New Customers (Best for Customer Acquisition), and Promote Your Business (best for driving brand awareness).

The speed of the Canvas advertisements format is another key benefit. Your products and lead forms open directly within the Canvas, and they do so almost immediately. There is no need to reroute to those annoying, slowly-loading landing sites. Customers skim over a crucial step in the purchasing process.

The topic of Facebook Canvas ads was fully discussed in a piece I wrote last month. Note: Only mobile devices support the Canvas ad format.

Free guide: The 7 Essential Facebook Advertising Tips everyone should be aware of.

2. Display Your Items Using Facebook Carousel Ads
A single, swipe-able carousel ad is ideal for showcasing various e-commerce items (or different areas of the same item).

With carousel advertising, advertisers can link to several landing pages from each panel of the carousel and display up to ten images or videos with ten separate CTAs in a single ad. They work well on both desktop and mobile devices and are available for the majority of Facebook ad targets, so don’t feel as though you have no options if you’re not aiming for online sales.

3. Increase Traffic by Using Page Post Engagement Ads
Your company’s Facebook page already has a respectable number of likes, but are you having trouble connecting with the bulk of your followers? It affects a lot of firms frequently.

Regardless of how interesting your Facebook posts are, Facebook’s algorithm only gives your organic posts a certain amount of exposure. For example, if your page has 100-page likes and you publish anything to your account organically, it’s probable that just 20 or so of your followers may see it. Page post engagement ads provide a reliable solution.

Simply select the “Engagement” marketing aim to create engagement advertising. In this context, “engagement” comprises remarks, likes, shares, event reactions, and claim submissions. You can increase the audience for your content by placing engagement advertisements among those who have already liked, commented on, and interacted with it in various ways. Additionally, you may select from the countless targeting choices Facebook offers to expose your material to new demographic groups that could be just as likely to like, share, or do whatever else you want them to.

4. Facebook Video Ads: You Should Try It Since Everyone Else Is
Tips for Facebook Ads Video
What makes Facebook video ads so fantastic? One is that consumers who watch videos are 1.81 times more likely to make a purchase than consumers who do not. Another is that putting up the system is as easy as setting up an image advertisement. Marketers may be put off from participating in the video ad market by the process of making the videos themselves, but even those advertisers may soon find themselves at a disadvantage. Over 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day, and views of branded video content on the platform have climbed by 258% as of June 2017.

There is really no limit to how much storytelling you can pack into one Facebook video ad, which may last up to 240 minutes. Nevertheless, it could be preferable to keep it brief and add captions because, according to Facebook, captioned video advertising extends viewers’ time spent watching videos by an average of 12%.

Margot Da Cunha, our resident video specialist, has all the details in her Complete Guide to Facebook Video Ads.

5. Use straightforward Facebook GIF ads.
It stands to reason that a shorter film will be easier to encourage viewers to watch through to the end. It turns out that statistics support each other:

via Wistia, the Facebook Ad Tips GIF

That falls squarely within the purview of the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). When you can elicit the response you want to see in less than 10 seconds, why create a 5-minute video to communicate your brand story? GIFs occupy the area between photos and videos; they are essentially very brief videos that play continuously but don’t need as much time or effort to produce as videos do. Here’s a beautiful illustration of a GIF advertisement we made for our

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