52+ Free & Holiday Marketing Initiatives to Try This Month

While the month of December is filled with festivities, loved ones, and food, it may also make business owners and marketers feel short on time and resources.

Dec. marketing strategies – amusing holiday card image
However, if you use the appropriate tactics and promotions, your December marketing will go smoothly, allowing you to spend more time unwinding with your loved ones. As a result, here is what you get:

a complete list of national days, holidays, and awareness campaigns for December.
Use them in your blog, social media, emails, and more in over 52 original ways.
Real-world examples from companies like yours.
We wish you inspiration and a bit less worry in December after reading this article. Continue reading to make a strong year-ending!

the contents table
December picture
Ideas based on monthly awareness for December
Ideas based on the celebrations and holidays in December
Ideas for holiday marketing & promotions
full list of national holidays in December

December picture
Here is a brief overview of December for your imaginative marketing discussion.

December consciousness
December is recognized nationally as the month for:

business strategy
vehicle donation
3D prevention of drunk driving and drugged driving
a secure food service
rights of people
Study a foreign tongue
safe gifts and toys
Injury prevention with sharps
spiritual discernment
Santa Paws Operation
Christmas marketing ideas: Santa Paws
In addition, it is the month of the tie, the pear, the root vegetable, the exotic fruit, and bingo’s birthday. The unknown

December vacations
as if you were unfamiliar with them!

Hanukkah (December 18-26; varies annually) (December 18-26; changes annually)
Christmas (December 25) (December 25)
Kwanzaa (December 26-January 1) (December 26-January 1)
Christmas Eve (December 31)
Diversity & Inclusion in December
Here are a ton of creative Christmas marketing suggestions!

The month of Human Rights Rosa Parks Day (December 1)
Day of Human Rights (December 10)
inclusive holiday marketing strategies – Instagram post sample for Rosa Parks Day

December public holidays
Free Shipping Day, Gingerbread House Day, and other festive national holidays will all be covered in this piece, but there are also a few other noteworthy holidays.

National Ninja Day (Dec 5)
Day of Human Rights (December 10)
Day of the Trick Shot (first Tuesday in December)
“Cat Herders Day” (Dec 15)
Unpopular Day (Third Friday in December)
Day of Remembrance for Homeless People (first day of winter)
Declare Your Position Day (Dec 31)
Peace Hour Worldwide (Dec 31)

December advertising strategies focused on monthly awareness
Okay, let’s take a closer look at some December marketing ideas.

National Month of Safe Toys and Gifts
The holiday season is the ideal time to help individuals in your neighborhood. Encourage your consumers to organize or take part in a toy drive.

For your toy drive, consider the following:

Set out a sizable box for locals and customers to place their toys in.
Customers that contribute to your toy drive can take advantage of a promotion by receiving a voucher for their next visit, a discount on a purchase, or a stamp on their customer loyalty card.
To spread the news about your toy drive and to persuade them to place a box at their place of business, team up with other neighborhood companies.
Post pictures of your participation on social media and tag the nonprofit organization you’re supporting.
Visit this page for a list of toy drives.
Instead of organizing your own toy drive, your company can still spread the news about how to assist kids this holiday season by taking images to post on social media.

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