46 Holiday Marketing Ideas That Are Inclusive and Will Shine Bright This Season

You should continuously strive for diverse and inclusive marketing. The more “traditional” holidays, like Christmas and Thanksgiving, take center stage during the holiday season, making it even more crucial.

While there is nothing wrong with observing these holidays and using them in your marketing, some members of your audience may prefer other organizations or occasions.
For your company to shine this holiday season, we’ve compiled over 40 inclusive holiday marketing ideas and examples.
The National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution, and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum are just a few organizations that regularly honor this month-long celebration of Native American heritage. If you’re hoping to include Native American Heritage Month in your diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts this season, you’ll be in good company.

Every year in November, Native American Heritage Month is commemorated to honor the contributions that the earliest Americans made to the development of the country. Additionally, it recognizes and celebrates the National Day of Mourning.
In fact, a historically accurate account of Thanksgiving would note that it had a negative impact on Native Americans. For this reason, we observe the National Day of Mourning on Thanksgiving each year to serve as a reminder of the suffering that Native Americans have endured and may still be experiencing.

Here are a few suggestions for how your company might honor Native American Heritage Month and the National Day of Mourning:

Give a Native American in the neighborhood control of your Instagram account for a day to help promote the voices of Native Americans. Following that, they can publish posts or go live on your stories to discuss what Native American Heritage Month means to them.
By including more thoughtful information about the impact of Thanksgiving on Native Americans, you may incorporate Native American Heritage Month and the National Day of Mourning into your Thanksgiving campaign.
Visit the U.S. Small Business Administration website to see the free resources available for Native American Heritage Month. There are data to share, directories of Native American-owned companies to collaborate with, and more.
Use a hashtag on social media to raise awareness. Indigenous Americans have persevered is the official hashtag for Native American Heritage Month. The month of National Adoption
The holiday season is typically filled with messages about family, so it’s especially crucial to keep folks with non-traditional families in mind. This is possible because of National Adoption Month, which is observed each November to raise awareness of foster children. You can use it in your holiday marketing initiatives in the following ways:

You should avoid using terms like “mom” and “dad” in your holiday copywriting because they could cause your audience members who don’t have those types of parental figures to feel alienated.
Make your material more accommodating to people with various family structures. Try marketing an event as a “friends and family fun day” or a “festival fun day” as an alternative to “family fun day.”
Bring attention to a notable adoption tale in the neighborhood of your company. Ask an employee, friend, or member of your community who has experience with adoption to share their story so you can highlight how they have inspired your company during this month and beyond.
Increase adoption awareness among minority communities. For instance, did you know that adoptions by LGBTQ+ couples were only recently made lawful in all 50 states?
The Day of the Dead (November 1-2)
The Mexican holiday known as the Day of the Dead, or Dia de Los Muertos, celebrates the souls of the dead. Every year, it is a two-day event that begins on November 1 and lasts until November 2. Many people of Mexican ancestry believe they can communicate with their loved ones who have passed away during this festive time since this day is seen to be the opening of the door between the physical world and the spirit realm in traditional Mexican culture.

You’ll probably have audience members who participate in Day of the Dead celebrations because over 20% of Americans are of Mexican descent. Use these concepts and illustrations to make Mexican consumers feel included in your Christmas marketing:

To get the word out about the Day of the Dead’s customs, share interesting facts or host a virtual trivia contest.
Use traditional Day of the Dead skulls, flowers, and other decorations to adorn your shop or workplace. Take a photo of your temporarily modified decor and post it on your business’ website or social media accounts.
Pay tribute to the deceased. Have you or a coworker ever experienced the loss of a friend or loved one that you’d like to remember? The ideal time to accomplish this is on the Day of the Dead! To provide your audience with a more individualized view of your company, you may share their narrative on social media.
holiday marketing strategies that are all-inclusive – such as day of the dead office decorations

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