8 Factors That Will Make Mobile App Startups Fail in 2022

In 2022, the market for smartphone apps will be enormous, with growth opportunities for companies and startups hoping to enter the mobile app development sector. Entrepreneurs that have original or innovative ideas can create high-quality applications. However, 90% of app businesses fail to become well-known in the market for mobile apps. You must examine the main causes of a startup’s failure to achieve success with its mobile apps if you want to increase your success rate.

The post outlines the top 8 factors you need to understand critically if you want to avoid failing and immediately increase your income.

Not a novel concept

App startups steal concepts from their rivals in an effort to enter the app market as quickly as possible. A copied idea could succeed at first but ultimately fails due to a lack of creativity. A company that steals ideas will generally copy the content of its rivals, and Google or Apple will quickly flag stolen information. Make sure your app idea delivers value and takes a novel approach if you want to experience success with it. You must concentrate on the planning stage and create a clear vision for your mobile app in order to achieve this. You cannot ensure long-term survival without a successful path, preparation, and strategy.

poorly designed UI/UX

When you open an app, what do you see right away? The app’s design must be visually appealing. Otherwise, it will be difficult to understand the UI. You must pay attention to the user experience your app design provides during the mobile development process because it is something that causes people to uninstall your app rapidly. Animations must have a really smooth feel to the design. Users get irritated by bugs or sluggish animation responses. Avoid using animations that take a long time to load or that have challenging features that are tough to use while on the go or that require a lot of clicks to use in the first place. Even the lengthy registration process is incorporated into the design of your app because it should allow users to do the majority of tasks quickly and easily. Last but not least, incorporate illustrations into your app because 2022 will see an increase in the use of 2D and 3D cartoons.

does not offer a practical solution

The mobile app development industry rewards outstanding ingenuity, and the winner captures the market. If you build a duplicate idea by imitating your rival, you will quickly experience failure. A special issue must address a genuine user issue. Before choosing your app idea, you must first conduct market research and write reports on it. You won’t be successful with a simple app with basic features and functionality. Before you can create an audience-pleasing app, you must consider the users’ point of view. Recognize and investigate the market to see what issues people have when performing daily tasks. You must research the competitor’s app that corresponds to your industry because there are many apps available on the market. To repack the best of both worlds, identify the qualities that your rivals’ products lack and attempt to incorporate them.

There are either too many or too few characteristics.

When an app is easy to grasp, it is successful on the market. Here, complexity refers to the features that are accessible in the software. The software should have a clean, uncluttered appearance without a lot of buttons or toggles taking up screen real estate. Include all necessary features, but make sure you don’t forget any. It’s vital to analyze the apps of rival companies to ascertain the functionality that users most urgently require. Do not, however, have so many functions that they become the one and only app for everything. Your app’s aim must be clearly stated, and all of its features must support that goal. Take app demos from testers or reviewers to test your idea. Make sure the app is balanced, with neither too few nor too many functions.

lacking the necessary innovation to compete

We’ve got enough of hearing how important it is to stand out from the competition. A distinctive concept is excellent for producing a successful app. However, being distinctive does not imply you should ignore your rivals. Because they don’t use referrals from their rivals, 20% of startups fail. Every field values the term “reference.” It doesn’t matter if the field is marketing or app development; you must use references from your competitors. Take note of their actions and mental processes. Once you’ve grasped it, constantly strive to be a step ahead of the opposition. Nowadays, everything is done online, making it simple to examine the operations or portfolio of your rivals as well as use their apps.

a poor business plan

One of the essential components in beginning a business is capital. For entrepreneurs, the cost of developing an app is moderate. The quality of the app will be compromised by 10% if the budget is cut. Start your firm with 100% of your funds and a sound marketing plan. Real businesspeople carry out their ideas rather than leaving them at the center of the road. Plan your finances accordingly, enlist the aid of governmental programs, friends, family, and your savings, and use your resources to construct a profitable app that never compromises on the capital aspect.

the app’s performance concerns

Appropriate inclusion of performance would complete the list of factors. You must have the patience to resolve performance problems. Don’t rush the app launch; instead, run a battery of tests until your app development company guarantees there are no bugs. 90% of startups fail because they release their app too soon without recognizing it still has bugs and performance problems. Give the testing phase the utmost attention and be patient while you wait to publish your app.

a poor marketing plan

No app will succeed if its marketing plan is weak. No matter how wonderful your app is, it won’t become popular if you haven’t established a strong marketing approach. Social media is an effective marketing tool. Be careful to establish a presence throughout the majority of social media channels. But make sure you also follow a carefully planned strategy for what and how you will market.


One of the most crucial components of creating a great mobile app is having a distinctive idea. Make sure you don’t steal an exact idea from a rival. Additionally, concentrating on features and design while having a strong funding and marketing strategy increases your chances of succeeding as a startup. In order to ensure that your mobile app doesn’t fall short in any way, you must discuss your app project with the mobile app development business, paying particular attention to the aforementioned factors.

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