Apple should incorporate five Android features with iOS in 2023.

Apple iPhones have a unique appeal, but they also have some shortcomings. A list of features that iPhones lack, according to Android users, is what keeps them from switching to Apple products. When compared to Android, which is an open platform, Apple does lag behind in the adoption of new technology.

To make iPhone and iOS even more useful, Apple should instantly copy these five features from Android.

Be aware that most of these functions are software-based, and Apple may make them available with a simple software update. This indicates that Apple can add this functionality to earlier iPhone models using iOS 17, not just the newer models.

Healthcare Technology on Mobile

a magic marker
These days, Android smartphones from Samsung, Google, and Vivo all have this capability. Your photographs will be social media-ready in no time if you can quickly eliminate undesired objects or even people from a photo. Be aware that iOS 16 allows iPhones to cleanly delete the entire backdrop, but as of now there is no object eraser available.

apps in split-screen mode
When compared to iPhones, Android smartphones can multitask far better. Apple still forbids users from simultaneously opening two apps in split screen mode, despite the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island allowing for some multitasking enhancement. At the very least, Apple needs to permit split-screen multitasking on iPhones with huge screens like the iPhone 14 Plus and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Remove system applications
Given that many Google apps cannot be uninstalled from recent Android handsets and that certain devices running modified Android versions do not even support uninstalling third-party apps, this assertion is somewhat debatable. Apple gives customers the option to delete some of the system programs and starting with iOS 17, it should provide consumers more control by enabling them to delete all system apps and swap

them out for alternative ones.
Another feature that consumers have been asking for is app sideloading, but Apple has rejected it because it may compromise the security of iPhones.

Economists call for visible actions

The iPhone will become even more open if consumers are given the opportunity to download apps and games from external app stores via side loading.

improved file manager
When compared to its Android version, the iPhone’s files app has extremely few features. In addition, using a PC or laptop to access all of the stored content on an iPhone is not possible. Users will find it simple to share files between devices with improved file management.

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