Updated Google Mobile Search Has Continuous Scrolling

Continuous scrolling is a new feature for Google Search on mobile that will add more results when users scroll to the bottom of the page.

In a press release, Google claims:

“At Google, we’re constantly looking into new methods to make it easier and faster for users to find what they’re looking for. We announced a makeover of the mobile Search results page earlier this year to provide a more contemporary user experience that is simpler to scan and explore.

Today, we introduced continuous scrolling on mobile devices to improve the ease and intuitiveness of perusing search results.
This is a nice improvement in the quality of life for users who are searching because they may now scroll through a seemingly infinite list of results to discover relevant information.

Prior to this change, Google’s mobile SERPs largely followed the desktop search pattern of “ten blue links.”

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A mobile search page would only provide a “see more” button rather than a paginated list of results at the bottom.

On a mobile device, pressing that button is analogous to selecting the second page of results from a desktop search.

However, Google says users will be able to navigate through “many more” results before pressing the “see more” button, so it’s not entirely gone.

Publishers stand to gain greatly from this move because, as we all know, page two of Google receives far less traffic than page one.

According to Google, information seekers might only look at the first four pages of search results.

After the first page of results, people are quite unlikely to click on any of them.

The CTR of results on page two is less than 1%, according to a 2020 study, which reveals this.

It is unclear why individuals don’t click through to the page two results, but it might have something to do with the perceived caliber of the information that didn’t make it there.

Continuous scrolling on mobile makes it seem as though all results are currently on page one.

This modification may give the user the impression that they haven’t left the first page of SERPs, which may encourage them to find and possibly click on URLs they otherwise might not have.

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Apps like TikTok and Instagram’s Explore page benefit greatly from this user interface design when used on mobile.

On TikTok, users may browse constantly through their feeds, and the program will continually add new videos for them to view.

People spend hours using the app because of this never-ending supply of entertainment.

A similar design may be used for Google Search, which would greatly improve content discovery.

As a result of this improvement, websites that appear on Google’s second page (and lower) may start to see an increase in traffic.

We’ll monitor whether this update helps low-ranking pages get more traffic as the months go by.

It’s wise to keep an eye on your Search Console data and track any changes to your mobile impressions and clickthrough rates.

The majority of US English-language queries on Google Search are now available with continuous scrolling.

Google’s blog is the source.

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