Fact or Fiction When Ranking Elements? Let’s Dispel a Few Myths!

This is for you if you’ve ever wondered what constitutes a Google ranking factor.

The updated version of the in-depth Ranking Factors guide is back for 2022. You don’t need to dig because we did it for you.

There are many misconceptions regarding what will and won’t raise your search engine rankings. You must understand which SEO tactics will have the biggest impact.
In order to prevent you from wasting money on chasing rumors, this booklet has been updated.

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We’ve compiled a thorough list of everything that might have you wondering, “Is that a ranking factor?” for the second edition of Ranking Factors: Fact Or Fiction.

This ebook includes:

Answers that give you complete confidence in a claim are a proven ranking element that Google incorporates into its algorithms. We set out the facts and let you know if there is disagreement or doubt.
Quick yes/no responses to what is and is not a ranking component, as well as information on how a ranking factor originated or why a misconception developed.
How user experience, data collection, and other considerations, such as SEO, affect overall ranking factors
To ensure that you understand the whole context of what is and isn’t a ranking criterion, we lay everything out for you.

Defined Ranking Factors
To ensure that you can trust the data we offer, we adopt a clear definition of a “ranking factor.”

Before we refer to something as a ranking factor, we often search for an official announcement from Google or a Google employee stating that a factor is given weight by the algorithms when determining SERP results.

We will use the term “verified” ranking factor in those situations.

To be accepted, the feature or idea in question must be in use right now. And it’s true that some components were once ranking criteria but are no longer.

It can be difficult to tell whether something is a ranking component when Google hasn’t made a remark about it. Even if it’s unlikely to receive a “confirmed” rating, we’ll go over the facts if Google hasn’t directly confirmed it.

If you’re unsure whether something will affect your SEO, check Google first for validation. There are a lot of research and tests out there, but as you’ll learn in the book, they’re not necessarily trustworthy.

Ebook on Using The Ranking Factors
This ebook can be used as a quick, practical reference for organizing particular SEO initiatives or formulating a plan for the entire year. You can then concentrate on the tasks that are most likely to influence the KPIs of your company.

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If there are particular ranking criteria that interest you, we have offered extra reading as well as a lot of information on the history of each one if you want to understand more about how the Google algorithms operate and how we conduct our research.

The 25 new chapters in this edition will help you stay current with the SEO market year after year.

If you ever need to know, “Is it a ranking factor?” this book is your bible.

To find out the answers to some of the most often asked and important SEO questions, download the ebook Ranking Factors: Fact Or Fiction.

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